Matthew Baxter

Matthew Baxter joined Dugout in November 2016 leading the commercial team and working directly with the clubs and other partners on the platform.

Prior to Dugout Matthew was Chief Media Officer with Liverpool FC and was responsible for the complete transformation of the club’s digital media and TV operations and well as being part of the Executive team overseeing the overall strategy of the club.

Matthew has over 20 years of global digital, media and TV experience. Prior to joining Liverpool FC he was Senior Vice President at MGM Networks where he worked across the commercial spectrum, selling movies to platforms and broadcasters in over 120 countries in 25 languages. He worked on various movie franchise launches globally including some of the recent James Bond movies.

Matthew also worked as European Marketing Director at Warner Brothers International Television working on a multitude of TV and movie property launches from Harry Potter movies and a multitude of TV series. In addition, he was part of the Fox Kids launch team driving the platform sales, distribution, development and growth of the channel to all countries across Europe.