Dugout’s video only content from the biggest football clubs around the world allows publishers to use video instead of imagery – to increase user engagement, dwell time and generate ad revenue by converting imagery to inventory.


Dugout offers access to a library of over 35,000 videos for publishers to move beyond the use of simple imagery to support editorial pieces.

Dugout has 2 key players to serve this content to users; the Editorial Player and the Always On Player

Editorial Player

  • Dugout’s Editorial Player sits within written articles to help supplement the narrative as well as enhance the user’s engagement and experience.
  • The editorial player demonstrates high levels of engagement, editorially relevant and supplementing the users experience our publishers audience are highly engaged and remain on the page to engage with the content.
  • Multiple videos are used on a single page offering an in-depth video narrative as the user engages through the article.
  • Dugout’s editorial player offers advertisers an opportunity to connect with a highly engaged audience

Always On Player

  • Dugout’s ”AOP” instantly presents premium, brand safe content to a user.
  • Dugout’s “AOP” is a fixed-in page player that sits above the fold.
  • The “AOP” turns into a floating player once the user has scrolled past below the fold. 
  • Dugout “AOP” provides publishers with a constant feed of content, separated by pre-roll or mid-roll ads.
  • Our publishers can select from exclusive playlists and house the player above the fold on the landing pages.
  • These playlists can be selected as they come (as Dugout have created) or publishers can create custom curated playlists by discussing with their respective account manager within Dugout.
  • Dugout’s ”AOP” supplements a landing page with curated video content to drive video views and increased user engagement with the site.


Through Dugout’s focus on video, Dugout allows publishers to use video content to supplement their editorial to increase user engagement and dwell time through Dugout’s Editorial Player. The Editorial Player not only supports editorial but allows publishers to utilize the video inventory to serve adverts – converting the previous use of Getty imagery into video inventory.

The Always On Player, which sits above the fold and plays curated playlists, converts page views into video views. The Always On Player plays a continuous playlist and serves adverts through programmatic advertising.