Dugout works with football clubs, leagues and federations to help repackage, distribute and monetize their video content.


Through Dugout’s team of editors, a club’s globally brand-safe video archive is repurposed and localised into digestible videos for digital fans across the globe. Once published to the club’s Dugout library, the video is distributed globally across all of Dugout’s O&O platforms and global embed network of publishers, reaching a qualified digital football audience.

Dugout was co-founded by 10 of the biggest football clubs in the world. Since Dugout’s launch in 2016, the company has evolved and is now proudly in partnership with 82 clubs, 4 leagues and 3 federations worldwide. By encouraging collaboration, Dugout’s football-only ecosystem provides global football fans with the opportunity to share in the experiences, both past and present, that shape the footballing world.

Our Community

Once a club begins collaborating with Dugout, they are assigned a dedicated Account Manager who is responsible for ensuring support for the club in achieving their digital objectives. Dugout’s proposition to clubs, leagues and federations is centred around four key pillars:

A clubs’ content is monetised through the running of pre-roll and mid-roll adverts against their video content across the Dugout network.

Through Dugout’s O&O platforms and global embed network, a clubs’ video content is distributed globally to both existing and new audiences, amplifying the reach a club generates via their O&O platforms and social channels. Moreover, Dugout’s ability to localise clubs’ videos means that partners are able to communicate with fans in their target territories whilst also increasing the clubs’ exposure to all regions globally.

Data & Insights
Distribution across Dugout’s global network provides clubs with real-time global audience and engagement data. Additionally, Dugout run month-long collaborative club competitions that enable clubs to receive opt-in marketing data from the fanbases of all participating clubs. 

Dugout’s partnership with 89 football organisations provides all partners the opportunity to collaborate with one another in what is regarded as as a disconnected and fragmented football media landscape. Dugout’s model provides the mechanism for clubs to leverage the fan bases of other partner clubs in a variety of ways.


Dugout’s positioning within the marketplace, coupled with Dugout’s model for content production and distribution, means that Dugout operates as a trusted extension to partner clubs’ media departments. By following set club content plans that consist of real-time, archive and originally-shot footage, a club’s content is repurposed, localised and amplified across Dugout’s global network. This, in turn, ensures that club content reaches a qualified digital football audience, with all attributed revenue and data shared back to the club.

If you represent a football club, league or federation and you would like to hear more about Dugout’s offering, please get in touch: clubs@dugout.com