London, UK – 3rd December 2019:

Find out from Luigi Ecuba, Media Content Director, FC Internazionale about their global strategy to drive fan engagement.

What problems/challenges were you trying to solve?

In recent years the motives and behaviour of our fan base has shifted. The key drivers for this are: advancements in technology, how content is now consumed and changes to the way people are choosing to spend their leisure time. It is vital that we adapt and look for the most effective ways we can attract and keep a passionate dedicated fanbase.

We wanted to partner with a reputable company which understood our business model and our fans needs and behaviour. Our aim is to always be present, informative and entertaining to our existing and potential fanbase, to ensure they always remain highly engaged and loyal.

Dugout has an excellent reputation in market of creating unique quality content using exclusive footage.

What solutions did you consider?

Our focus has always been to be where the fans are. Social media is one channel which enables us to reach our audience, join in the conversation and strengthen relationships. However, over the years we have seen levels of fan engagement slowly decline due to increased competition from other sports content providers.

We have always been open to considering other options such as advertising on third party sites to see how we could increase our level of fan engagement and global reach. However, due to the nature of our media relationships in Italy, we deliberately chose third party sites which were based in other region.

There were several factors we took into consideration when choosing which partner to work with. Firstly, whether we trusted their ability to create content which adhered to our brand and content guidelines. Secondly, that our content only appeared in contextually relevant and brand safe environments. Working with a partner which met these needs and who are fully transparent is imperative to us.

Our aim is to always be present, informative and entertaining to our existing and potential fanbase.

What risks did you consider?

Firstly, not losing control of our content. It is vital that we know where our content is distributed and who is viewing it. Secondly, our content reaching markets where we had never been present before. Internally we were concerned about our lack of understanding and experience in new and unknown territories. 

Why did you choose Dugout?

Dugout is completely unique in that it is co-owned by 10 of the world’s biggest football clubs. They also partner with 94 clubs around the world and have an excellent reputation in market for creating unique quality content using exclusive footage. They present an opportunity for us to engage new and existing fans with our own content both real-time and archived (something which we have never done before). Dugout has built a global network of premium publishers which we feel compliments our brand and enables us to reach our fanbase in a safe, controlled environment.

Thanks to Dugout our content now reaches a wider global audience.

What has been your experience to date of working with Dugout? 

We are very pleased with our partnership. The team at Dugout are very passionate about football and content. They understand our internal needs as a business and also the needs of our fans. Their editorial team does a very good job developing our footage to create engaging, good quality, relevant content which meets our club’s high standards. Thanks to Dugout our content now reaches a wider global audience. 

What has been the impact to your business since working with Dugout?

  • Our global footprint has increased
  • We have gained better insights into who are fans are and how they want to engage with us
  • Attracted new fans
  • Increased levels of fan engagement and unique visits to our own website

How do you see the relationship with Dugout evolving?

We’ll continue to share and develop unique and engaging content with Dugout in order to present our fans based in key markets with interesting stories about our club and the players. We will always try to find appropriate space for Dugout’s content within our social ecosystem which is made up of 13 social media channels.

About Dugout

Dugout is the first and only time the world’s biggest football clubs have joined forces to support a new business. Since launching with Barcelona, A.C. Milan, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Juventus, there are now over 95 clubs, National Football Federations and Leagues in partnership with Dugout.

Dugout offers exclusive football video content from its member clubs through a central library of more than 40,000 videos direct to fans on and via its Embed network of certified publishers. Each member club and player have a dedicated Dugout profile to upload content and interact with fans creating a personalised experience based on the clubs and players they follow.

Dugout’s Embed network of leading publishers from around the world, are supported by Dugout to strengthen their ability to drive deeply engaging content, user experience and provide the highest level of service to their audiences with not only static images but dynamic, relevant video content. Dugout produces over 4,500 videos a month across three key content streams – Newsworthy, Stand Alone and Evergreen; all of Dugout’s content is available to certified publishers through its embeddable media platform.

Similarly, Dugout works with media agencies, creative agencies and brands to deliver content-rich opportunities for activation campaigns, product launches, experiential marketing and events. launched in November 2016, followed by the app in March 2017. Dugout’s quality content is also available on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, as well as via certified global publisher partners.