Dugout – the only media company owned by the world’s top football clubs – is on track to become one of the biggest football content providers in the world, according to Co-Founder and Chairman, Elliot Richardson.

Speaking about the union between football, media and marketing on the Unofficial Partner Podcast, Elliot Richardson said:

“We created Dugout as a company that endures, by developing a product that will stand the test of time, and that appeals to every stakeholder in the industry. By the end of next year – through our embed player – we will be one of the largest football video providers in the world.”

“When we started six years ago, there was very little culture of collaboration between the biggest football clubs in the world. Today we have nine founding clubs and 89 member clubs. Dugout is the eyes and ears of the clubs, who have seen the size of their global fan bases explode in recent times. The insight we provide and the content we produce for clubs can mark the start of the journey from casual consumer to superfan. That’s what great content can do.”

Speaking on the future of sponsorship, Richardson added that clubs are now taking greater control over their own content. With image rights increasingly being incorporated into player contracts, clubs are able to collaborate more deeply with brands and broadcasters to create richer, better quality content that offers fans a deeper connection to the club and its players.

He says clubs are establishing themselves as a premium offering, which in turn may lead to greater opportunities for growth, particularly in the area of programmatic advertising, where to date only a tiny proportion of global programmatic advertising budgets is spent on sport.

Since its launch in 2016, Dugout has shown exceptional growth. Built on a unique collaborative approach with nine of the world’s top football club’s as founding partners – FC Barcelona, Real Madrid CF, Paris Saint-Germain FC, Liverpool FC, Manchester City FC, Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, FC Bayern Munich and Juventus FC – Dugout now boasts 89 member clubs, federations and leagues and continues to grow. It has 30 million monthly users and 127 million monthly video views, along with a library of over 30,000 videos, and 1,000 video editors creating 1,500 videos and more than 150 minutes of content every day.

Earlier this year, Dugout and strategic foresight consultancy The Future Laboratory, unveiled new research – the 2019 Branded Football Content Futures Report – at Dugout’s 2nd International Commercial and Content Symposium in London. The report looked at the growing influence of branded football content as the primary sponsorship activation tool in sport.

You can download the full 2019 Branded Football Content Futures report HERE >> .